Furnished properties for corporate rentals

Our Furnished Rental Management offering is a “turn-key” solution, in which we provide and implement all furnishings, decorations, small appliances, utensils, pots, pans, linens, etc., to make the owner’s property “move-in-with-your-suitcase” ready.

We can accomplish this with our inventory, or through a combination of ours plus the owners’. We keep our inventory stored locally. It is made up of items whch we gather through Craigslist, furniture store auctions, moving sales, scratch and dent sales etc…

Our artwork is provided by local artists, all original, through our Artreach non-profit company. We use designers to place items to maximize the visual effect of the home.

The Payne-French Process


Furniture and items is stored at our Nashville office and warehouse. Here it can be sorted and itemized before being used in any of our rental properties.

By offering furnished rentals, we open up the pool of customers to the corporate market.

Payne-French makes use of it’s own trucks for moving furniture from location to location as well as preparing the property for occupancy.

This best use practice keeps cost down for the business as well as the customer and makes the experience of renting a home long term or short term more pleasurable for all parties involved.

After selecting the furnishings and artwork for each property, the items are arranged to best showcase the property for prospective clients.

Offering the home furnished shows best for corporate rentals, as well as homes being rented until sold, leased, and more.