Moving Division

Payne-French continues our circle with our full solution “Move N Clean” arm. This provides all of the moving and cleaning functions for our properties in conjunction with PFS Trucking.

All of the items that are used in our properties are moved to and from our Nashville warehouse to customer locations by this division to ensure that there are no misscommunications with unknown and untrusted businesses. At the end of a lease they also provide the cleaning and move out of items before the property is leased  or sold.

We provide a cleaning service for corporate tenants on a weekly “service plan” that we then include in the monthly rent (at the request of the tenant).

One of the strengths of keeping it in house, and which gives us the ability to offer this full service solution is the ability to act fast. This “Rapid Response” moves of our tenant clients to another property in the event a managed property sells (revenue continuity for PFA).